Chamber TM 17th Birthday

Upon reflection, Chamber Toastmasters birthday evoked a defined sense of pride and passion amongst its members. For close to 17 years our club has established connections between like-minded and ambitious working professionals who aspire to innovate within their respective industries.

A shining example of which is Iryna Piven, who utilized the depth of Toastmasters networking resources to establish a group of individuals who she perceives as, ‘my type of people’.

Drawing from such a diverse network of working professionals with contrasting skill sets enables her to always select the right individual to share an idea with or request professional advice from.

The predominant priority of any aspiring individual should be to association with intellectuals who engage with advanced concepts derived from both experience and institution. These are the individuals who facilitate self-development and, in turn, growth.

In line with the theme of the evening, Tetyana Lukiniuk made her ‘Rock Star’ entrance equipped with an electric guitar. She enthralled her audience with an engaging quiz to ascertain the varying and somewhat spicy music tastes of our Toastmasters members. Iryna Grygirieva took the opportunity to raise an important topic about women in our society. As Eleonor Roosevelt said,’ the woman is like a teabag you never know how strong she is until you get her into hot water.

Did you know that Eleanor was one of the first women to engage notably within the field of public speaking?
Her husband Franklin Roosevelt had to quit career due to health reasons.
This inspired her to rise to the challenge of carrying on in his legacy, despite the distinct lack of equality for women of this era to be taken notice of.
In spite of her fear, she showed courage and prevailed, in turn inspiring future generations of women to become respected figures within the context of public speaking.
Perhaps a poignant reminder to us of our fundamental ethos at Toastmasters?
Stand strong and express with integrity in avoidance of the fear of criticism.

So the event progressed on with table topics from audience members, including an impromptu performance from a successful singer Michael Rybak. Life in Toastmasters is rock’n’roll indeed.

At Toastmasters we dispel any preconceptions and reinvent the concept of a prom night with the announcement of not just one queen… but two Olga Siutkina and Elina Paliy! Timur Berezhnoy was chosen the prom king.
Candles on cake are blown and we as expecting a new exiting year.
Get involved ! Do not miss fun the next Wednesday!



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