Speech Contest 2016

On January 27, 2016 our club held a Speech Contest during which the best speakers were chosen. Saying that all the speeches were excellent is to say nothing. Each and every speech had its own message and influence on the audience.

According to Toastmasters tradition, the draw decides the order of the speakers in contests

Here’s what one of our guests Lemara said about the Contest:

“Speech Contest is a great event full of positive thinking, wisdom and inspiration. Ivan Atamanenko inspired me to do more and hope for the best. He also mentioned what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Victoria Sklyar shared with us how to energize your working hours and build friendly and supportive atmosphere. Elina Paliy’s story on high-tech technologies immersed us into thoughts about the future.  Iryna Piven was encouraging everybody to play poker and apply rules of this game to their daily life. Be brave, take risks, play big and win big – this was the core idea of Iryna’s speech. Timur Berezhnoy hooked our attention with his romantic stories. What is remarkable about his speeches is that he can take a serious topic and add humour to it. Tetyana Kisyelova raised a very interesting topic of how people judge others by the questions they ask or by the answers they give. I’m looking forward for the next great speeches”.

Contests are a key component of Toastmasters International’s member experience. Contests offer an opportunity for members to step outside their comfort zone, test their skills, and receive recognition for their accomplishments both inside and outside the club meeting environment.

Timur Berezhnoy

Our new member of the club, Elina Paliy participated in the Contest for the first time and here are her thoughts about it: “I decided to participate in the contest because I wanted to add an element of competition to motivate myself even more than usual, to see myself among professionals.  The most challenging thing for me while delivering the speech was to battle my fear of public speaking, to share with the audience some cherry picked knowledge, carefully fitted in 7 minutes”.

Certainly all contests should have their winners. Here are the top three of Chamber Toastmasters in 2016:

1st place – Timur Berezhnoy (video)

2nd place – Iryna Piven (video)

3rd place – Tetyana Kisyelova (video)

The audience also has a say in choosing the best speaker – they vote for the speech they liked the most. This year, the winner of the People’s Choice award was Iryna Piven.

Ira casino
‘Life is a game’, said Iryna Piven. Both the judges and the audience believed her

One of the most experienced speakers and the winner of the Contest Timur Berezhnoy shared his ideas and emotions after the event.

“Speech contests have always been my passion. And I had two dreams – to win the All Ukrainian (Area) Speech Contest and the contest at Chamber Toastmasters Club. The area contest – because it has always been an amazing event with only the best speakers. And Chamber – because it is one of the greatest clubs in Kiev. Historically its members have most often become the prize winners on the area level. I joined Chamber mostly because of the top level of its speakers and its high profile atmosphere. I feel great each time I come to Chamber. I like calling it “The Royal Club”. To be named the best speaker of such a club is an amazing feeling! I’m still under impression (smiling). I am flattered that so many people appreciated my speech. Maybe it’s because I dared to reveal so intimate feelings and events from my life? More personal stories and more sincerity would be my advice to everybody who just embarked on a Toastmasters’ journey.

Congratulations dear winners! Next step for the two best speakers – Timur and Iryna – is to compete on the area level! Good luck!

See more in the highlights of the event. Thanks to Tina Bychkova for great photos!

3rd prize winner Tetiana Kisyelova raises eternal questions



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