Chamber Toastmasters Birthday

On September 16th Chamber Toastmasters Club is celebrating its 16th birthday! So everyone is welcome to join this special event at the premises of our founding fathers, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. 
Chamber Toastmasters is one of the oldest clubs in Ukraine and is a member of Toastmasters International
The club unites self-starting professionals who seek to develop their public speaking, leadership and networking skills.

According to an American tradition, we’re going to have the celebration in the style of SWEET 16! That’s the age when a person meets their first love, makes first career steps and, most importantly, is considered adult and responsible in the society. Our club made a reputation of a respected one long ago and is doing great job keeping up the high standard. The party is promising to be of a high standard as well with a very special birthday cake, speeches and entertainment. So join us and take your friends with you!

Where: American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, 12 Amosova St.

When: 16 September 19:15 – 21:00



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