Professional speeches marathon

On July 8th 2015 Chamber Toastmasters in alliance with Changemakers Toastmasters ran a Professional speeches marathon where six best presenters competed for the admiration of the public.

There are a few very special events during the year within Toastmasters. Professional speeches marathon is one of them. Toastmasters Professional speeches marathon is an event where speakers come together to:

– promote their business/organization/project/service;
– present business ideas and get feedback from the audience;
– share insights, challenges and perspectives of their professional field;
– voice their “customer view” of a selected industry;
– improve business-presentation skills.

This marathon had it all. That is no wonder. The business sharks were ready and waiting to go to any lengths to make the audience believe in their business idea. What is more, the evening was led by a flawless presenter Tania Lukinyuk who added a lavish portion of humour to the atmosphere of the night.

Here comes the winner! A member of Changemakers Yaroslav Fedorina got the People’s Choice Award. He says it was pretty challenging to get to this height. Yaroslav shared his reflections on the marathon with us.

When I agreed to participate I just wanted to test myself a little bit and to share my career story with others. I hadn’t delivered any speech in our own club by that day, so I did not expect to win.

First, I wanted to tell a really funny story about my adventure in Sunny Atlanta (one day I will tell it to you). But I tried the story on my friend and understood that it’s impossible to tell it in enough details within seven minutes. I couldn’t start writing my speech, because I couldn’t make up a funny topic. Then I decided to sit and write a decent story about my career and my sphere even without any funny details. While I was writing my speech I remembered more and more interesting facts and found a few funny photos to use in slides. I was really absorbed by the process. I improved the speech and added more details every day. 

I was the fourth. I saw how speakers started their speeches by asking questions, and decided to introduce some spied techniques into my speech. It wasn’t the best idea to introduce changes 10 minutes before the entrance.

I started fine – with rhetorical questions and funny slides. Sincere audience laughter gave me the confidence and support. I saw, that every fellow Changemaker in the room did everything possible to cheer me. I loved it!

While I was telling my story something was forgotten and some new paragraphs were introduced instead. The half of my speech was already behind and… suddenly the red light illuminated the conference room.

I was really shocked as the ending was the strongest part of my speech! I started to panic. How could I miss the green and yellow lights? What should I have done? I saw my supporters started to worry. I thought to myself whether to continue and be disqualified, but finish my great story, or to stop immediately. I decided to jump to the last paragraph of my speech and skip the rest. Later I found out, that I stopped on 7:25 – 5 seconds prior to disqualification.

Then I found out that I was only two voices ahead of Timur – the second competitor, whose story was brilliant.

When you rehearse your speech and decide its length, mind the reality (on the stage it most probably will take longer) and don’t introduce changes in the last moment!

Thank you Yaroslav for the story. It proves a Toasmasters speech is always a mix of excitement and fun. We are ready for your further presentations!

And surely for the next Toastmasters events that never fail to impress.Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_02 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_03 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_04 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_05 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_08 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_17 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_20 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_23 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_29 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_45 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_48 Toastmasters_Career_Marathon_2015_70


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