Chamber Toastmasters Showcased Excellence at the Spring Demo Meeting 2015.

Chamber Toastmasters Club has successfully held one of its open meetings on 1 April, 2015. The event attracted over 50 participants and gave a strong impetus to the new guests flow, thus inspiring more people with the ideas of leadership and art of communicating to audiences.

The meeting was traditionally chaired by a Toastmaster of the evening, this time it was Aleksei Aleinikov, and consisted of three principle parts: three  prepared speeches by Michael Rybak, Andriy Gryshchuk and Timur Berezhnoy, the session of unpredictable impromptu speeches conducted by Olena Krynychna, and the fascinating  evaluation part by Iryna Piven, Maryna Gotovkina, Jenia Poluektova and Anastasiya Tymofeeva.


Beyond any comparison go the creative and bright reports of the technical team represented by Ah-Counter Yuliya Illyashenko, Timer Iryna Varanchuk and professional Grammarian Ivan Otamanenko.

We interviewed Chamber TM Club current President Iryna Grygoriva about the tradition of demo meetings:

11103212_808602035888486_4774453211500189635_oA Demo Meeting is a milestone for successful Toastmasters club development. It showcases the club and helps to involve more members into Toastmasters community. Along with this Demo Meeting  is the testimony of  the club’s level, cooperation  of the officers’ team and active club members. It represents also the openness and hospitality of the club to new-comers.

Demo Meeting  is a great opportunity to show the toastmasters as well as the guests how the quality meeting is running and what the Toastmasters program can do for them. At the meeting new comers can identify the skills they can develop and the benefits they can receive from joining the club.

Our Demo Meeting coincided with April 1, the Humor Day that is why it was appropriate to include into agenda  jokes, humor and surprises that made our Demo Meeting unforgettable.

It is important to start preparation prior in advance, 2-3 weeks before the meeting. A proper pre-meeting PR campaign is a key to build awareness, to burst publicity of the event and to attract more people to come. Posters and flyers with announcement were distributed in the offices where our members work.

11103141_808601772555179_2247671939674848714_oTo prepare a quality Demo Meeting means to select the best of the best speakers for prepared speeches, witty Table Topics master and experienced Evaluators. Toastmaster of the meeting is a key person in creating a mood, explaining the structure of the meeting and introducing speakers. This role was successfully performed by Alexey Aleinikov, our active member. His way of conducting the role, comic situations, and smart remarks added value to the lively atmosphere of the meeting.

More glimpses of the event inthe photo report by Tina Bychkova:

 10856511_808601069221916_8838069865664988017_o 11077787_808601205888569_8959124291796464007_o



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