Elections of the new officers team on 19 December 2012

It has been a fantastic year full of interesting events, significant personal achievements and new experiences for all of us. Just remember: speech contestlecture on leadership, Mafia game, Table Topics contest, Golf contestjoint meeting with the Professional Negotiations club, club’s birthday celebrationProfessional Speech Marathon, and many regular but always creative and fun meetings.

Total EuphoriaThe last Toastmasters meeting of this year on December 19 will be of utmost importance and requires personal attendance of all our members. The reason is simple – elections of the NEW OFFICERS TEAM that will manage and serve our Club in 2013.

Only you can personally guarantee the quality of our meetings and special events in 2013 by becoming an officer or by making the right choice and voting for the best candidates. If you really care how our Club will be developing in 2013, you will be definitely with us this Wednesday!

The Agenda of the meeting on December 19 foresees also a very special session, during which our Officers Team 2012 will recognize and award our members’ personal achievements during this year. Afterwards we all will enjoy informal communication and pizza 🙂

Registration is mandatory for this meeting. Please register by December 18 (cob) by writing to our Vice President Education Anna Kuznetsova at annatoastmasters@gmail.com. Please, indicate if you are a vegetarian.

Time:  Wednesday, 19 December 2012, 7:15 – 10:00 PM

Venue:  14-B Kudryashova Str, EPAM Office


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