Congratulations to winners of Inner Speech Contest 2012

On February 8, 2012 Chamber Toastmasters club held its annual Inner Club Speech Contest. Each contestant prepared a unique speech: Yuriy Chalenko talked about intercultural communication; Dmytro Dziuba about the need to concentrate to achieve great goals; Larysa Antonshyk shared funny stories about taxes; Dmytro Kuziak touched topic of corruption; and Anna Kuznetsova revealed secrets of happiness.

A professional team of judges lead by Yuliya Kobuk announced the winners:

Participants of Inner Club Speech Contest 2012

1. Anna Kuznetsova

2. Dmytro Kuziak

3. Yuriy Chalenko

Anna Kuznetsova, who joined Chamber TM club in June 2011, shared: “When I first came to the Club, I liked how people master their speeches and realized that I am not an excellent presenter, and I have to work hard to speak like them… At Toastmasters meetings I receive the true feedback on structure of my speech, voice variety, gestures, and the Club gives me the opportunity to improve my public speaking and leadership skills”.

The audience also had a chance to vote for the best speaker, and Dmytro Kuziak was the one who won the hearts of the majority and got the People’s Choice Prize.

Congratulations to Anna Kuznetsova and Dmytro Kuziak, 1st and 2nd place winners, who will take part All-Ukrainian Toastmasters Speech Contest in April 2012.


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