Toastmasters Picnic

Dear Toastmasters,

We are pleased to let you know that on July 4th (11:30 A.M.) we are going to have our traditional Toastmasters Picnic in Pyrogovo Museum. The event will consist of three parts:

1. Toastmasters Meeting
2. Picnic
3. Games & Fun

Will there be anything special??? Of course!

Except for practising your public speaking and leadership skills, you will have a unique chance to participate in such rare occasion as Toastmasters Auction and receive valuable prices from our sponsors.

Our sponsors:
Coca-Cola Ukraine (
Igor Pidrychny and

Ticket price: 50 UAH

To recall the Picnic’2009, please, visit where Lyubomyr Ostapiv (Top Talkers) has shared his memories of the last year event.

To organize the picnic clubs took the following responsibilities:

EBA – Games
Top Talkers – Refreshments
Art Talkers – Agenda
Dnipro Hills – Disks
Toastcrackers – Tickets
Am Cham – Auction

Please, contact Tania Nechaeva (Art Talkers) to participate in the agenda.

See you all on the 4th of July!


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