Debates announcement: "MBA: is it worth having in Ukraine?"

Dear fellow toastmasters!

I am excited to announce that this Wednesday, 19 May we have the special Toastmasters meeting – debates.
The debates will be held at the Microsoft venue (75 Zhylianska St., 4th Floor) from 19.15 to 20.30.

The idea is:

MBA: is it worth having in Ukraine?
There will be 2 teams:

Olga Krykun

Gennadiy Greblov – will support the idea: yes, MBA is worth having in Ukraine.

Vladimir Vakhitov

Olesya Artemenko
Anna Lebedeva – will be against

The members of each team will have up to 4 minutes to persuade the audience with their arguments. The team which gives more persuasive arguments will be considered as the winner.
Timing: 30 min + 4 min evaluation.

The rest of the time there will be the debates with unprepared topics. The ones will be between two speakers. The topic will be impromptu (will be chosen just before each debates). The speakers will have up to 2 minutes to persuade the audience with arguments for or against the topic. Each 2 pairs of speakers will be evaluated by the experienced toastmaster.

The following roles are available:

– Toastmaster of the meeting
– evaluator of the debates
– 1 speaker for MBA-supporting team
– timer

Yuriy Yakovenko,
VP Education


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